Much of the crypto and blockchain world remains the wild west. 
Through our partnership with Stephenson Law we can ensure that whatever it is that you want to do with blockchain, it will be supported by the most up to date legal advice available.


1. Educate with our Blockchain Academy

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Our Academy is designed for c-suite executives who are short on time and who need to rapidly upskill.


Our materials have been created by expert technologists and lawyers and have been tested and refined on a wide variety of audiences. We are confident in our ability to transform complex abstract concepts into clearly relatable stories and analogies. 


2. Strategy


Whether you have been through our Blockchain Academy and have a developed understanding of DLT and the key stakeholders in the ecosystem, or you are coming fresh to the space with a desire to engage with this evolving and game-changing technology, we can help.


As part of any venture, we can help you conduct a thorough risk assessment and mitigation plan, identifying key obstacles and challenges, impact rating them and response solutioning. 

As blockchain evolves, you’ll need to develop a strategy to meet it. We see our involvement with you as a long term relationship and will remain by your side (as long as you want us to) to ensure the commercial aspects remain market-leading.


3. Design


Want to create your own token or cryptocurrency without the environmental impact? Or create your own NFT program to unlock value from your existing IP catalogue? Maybe you want to build your own exchange or marketplace to ensure you retain control of the entire listing and sales process?

Our blockchain specific technical architects can help you from a blank sheet of paper, to a detailed, agile deployable roadmap with costings and milestone delivery dates.

Between us we have designed, built and delivered solutions for global corporates, banks and governments across the world, including in the banking, telco and environmental sectors. 

4. Implement


Once you have designed your project and considered the strategic implications of a launch and roll-out, we work with our trusted technology partners to seamlessly take full custodianship of the build and delivery so you can get on with doing what you do best. 

Once you have launched your project we can continue to act as your outsourced blockchain specific technology department, managing any bugs, issues and changes to the strategic market landscape, helping keep the project ahead of the curve.